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Knights of Columbus

Gate of Heaven, Council #468

Huntington Station, NY


This segment of our website is dedicated to the events, chaplains and Grand Knights that have brought our council from the year 1899 to the present.  The following segments are taken from the works of John Schling, Neil Dolan and George Seif 

Installment Eleven 

The 52nd Grand Knight of our order was William Zachmann (1972-1973).  He began by announcing, “I hope to fulfill my duties and responsibilities with a sincere effort…”  The first event of Bro. Bill’s term was one of martial fanfare, a special “Marchade Musicale” at Manor Field on August 19th.  The directors for this artistic event were Bro. Sal Simonetti and Dick Holland. 

During this period, our traditions continued: C and B events, dinner dances, dance instruction, Columbiette fund-raisers, 300 Club and the Bishop’s Mass. 

As mentioned above, another fundraiser was the “300” Club.  It was subscribed to weekly by members and non-members of the Council with attractive prizes being awarded every Sunday.  Each May and November, the “300” Club had a special drawing, which awarded $2,000 to the lucky winner.  This grand drawing was conducted at a cocktail party to which all “300” Club members were guests.  Operated by just one man, with occasional assistance, this function was certainly one of our most efficient financial aids. 

January 22, 1973 was the US Supreme Court decision on the Roe v Wade; the case legalizing abortion throughout our nation.  On January 23rd, the Church celebrated the feast of Our Lady Gate of Heaven with Mass in her honor.  We didn’t know then that legalized murder would follow us into the centennial. We regrouped as a Council to examine ways to combat this abomination.  Our Grand Knight continued to preside over the traditional function of Gate of Heaven with this deathly shroud hanging over America. 

We had our 3rd Annual Ski Weekend at the Hotel Concord’s thrilling slopes on February 9-12, 1973. 

Bro. Henry Rainone reported in the February 1973 issue of The Key that he received 3 responses to his letters of request to sponsors of “Maude” TV show, that they remove their support of this pro-abortion series.  Three corporations responded that they would do so.  They were the Lipton Company, Frito Lay and North American Philips Corp.  Well done, Henry. 

As events moved onward, we had a cocktail party for Charlie Lawrence and our Nassau-Suffolk Charity Drive was very successful.  We had German Night, Italian Night, St. Patrick’s Day Parade and a Gold Tournament.  A few more events and the year ended.



Fr. McGeever was still the Council Chaplain (1970-1975) during this time.