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Knights of Columbus

Gate of Heaven, Council #468

Huntington Station, NY


In the following months, this segment of our website will be dedicated to presenting the events, chaplains and Grand Knights that have brought our council from the year 1899 up to the present.  The following segments are taken from the works of John Schling, Neil Dolan and George Seif, 

Installment One 

A proper beginning would be to address the meaning of our Council’s name, Gate of Heaven.

I suppose that the obvious would be that our Council helps a person move closer to heaven.  Ultimately it does mean that.  However, this symbolic phrase, Gate of Heaven, used in the Bible and in our litanies also refers more immediately to both Jesus and Mary. 

With biblical foundations, we refer to Jesus as the “Gate of Heaven” because all things must go through Him; He is the Savior of the human race.  Through His sacred humanity and saving death, we have been reconciled to God, to be united with Him in Heaven.  In every sense of the word, Jesus is the “Gate of Heaven;” He is the Way, the Truth and the Life. 

Furthermore, in Catholic devotion, Mary, the Mother of our Savior is also called “Gate of Heaven” in union with her Son and dependent on Him.  By her consent and cooperation, she presented for us a way to salvation; she became the way by which Jesus came into this world.  She cooperated with the divine plan in consenting to bear God’s Son.  Through her humanity, He took our humanity in order to unite all of humanity to God. 

I was told that our Council’s popular reference is to Mary, Gate of Heaven.  Our Council title is a rich symbol which reminds us how instrumental Mary is in our reaching Jesus who leads us to heaven.  It is important to keep our eyes fixed on the goal of life, the heaven to which God calls us after our work is done here on earth.  We must never lose the saving grace of Jesus, Who is the key to that heavenly Gate.  We employ a spiritual wisdom when we call upon the help of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Jesus and spiritual mother of us all who are redeemed by her Son to reach our goal. 

Knights of Columbus are supposed to be men dedicated to spiritual values in life.  By faith, hope and good works, we strive to persevere year-in and year-out, day-in and day-out, in following Christ our Lord until we reach the heaven promised to those who are faithful.  May we call upon the love and care of our Blessed Lady, each day in our prayers, to enable us to reach that goal. 

Yes, there is a heaven.  Its reward is as real as the sacred humanity of Jesus and the maternity of Mary.  The Gate of Heaven leads us home to the Father.