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 Message from Father William Bartoul

My Brother Knights, 

Happy New Year!  And, welcome to a time for new beginnings.  It’s a time for reflecting upon our lives, making resolutions and pondering ideas of self-improvement and self-fulfillment.  (Naturally, many people will be concerned with those holiday pounds stored around our waists!) 

Recently, I watched some TV Talk Shows.  I noted several sessions on “making resolutions.”  Of course, making resolutions is traditional with the arrival of January 1st - a new start to a new you.  Some hosts and guests talked about improving their physical fitness and refining their eating habits (dieting!).  Other presenters spoke of enriching their mental health and the importance of intellectual pursuits.  There were those who talked about maximizing gardening space, career opportunities and some demonstrations of healthier cooking for the new year.  Nobody addressed their relationship with God or the care of their soul or their spiritual well-being! 

It appeared that no one was concerned about enriching, enhancing, intensifying, magnifying, heightening, deepening, improving or even remotely bettering their relationship with God.  Is God not relevant to a healthier you?  Not one person spoke about being more open to the Lord or how to embrace God a little more as their partner on life’s journey. 

Well, now it’s your turn to Talk…now, it’s your Showtime.  January 2020 is your opportunity to share with others how you will participate in things that are devotional, create projects that bring hope to others and support charitable activities.  Now is a good time for you to acknowledge your New Year’s resolutions that involve your spiritual health. 

Regarding your resolutions for 2020, don’t forget to involve the Creator of all things and the source of all blessings…God.  Don’t forget to position yourself to follow the one Person who is the Way, the Truth and the Life…God.  Don’t forget to partner with the one Person who makes dreams come true and makes life worth living…God.  Involvement, going in the same direction and partnering are the basics for any healthy relationship. 

If a TV crew showed up at your house to interview you, what spiritual resolutions would you share for 2020?  Would you outline plans for implementing your Christian goals?   Would you include all aspects of your life; physical (the corporal and spiritual works of mercy), mental (classes on the Bible and Church teachings), spiritual (prayer, meditation, and worship)? 

Well, here is my final advice: The cameras are running; so, speak-up because others are listening.


Happy New Year,

Fr. Bill