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Let’s laugh a little!
“…but a lighthearted man has a continual feast.”  (Prov 15:15)

A wife invited some people to dinner. At the table, she turned to their six-year-old daughter and said, "Dear, would you like to say the blessing?"


"I wouldn't know what to say," the girl replied.


"Just say what you hear mommy say," the wife answered.


The daughter bowed her head and said, "Lord, why on earth did I invite these people to dinner?"



Sunday school teacher asked her class, "What was Jesus' mother's name?"


One child answered, "Mary."
The teacher then asked, "Who knows what Jesus' father's name was?"


A little kid said, "Verge."

Confused, the teacher asked, "Where did you get that?"

The kid said, "Well, you know, they are always talking about Verge n' Mary.''



A mother was preparing pancakes for her sons, Kevin 5, and Ryan 3.

The boys began to argue over who would get the first pancake.

Their mother saw the opportunity for a moral lesson.


"If Jesus were sitting here, He would say, 'Let my brother have the first pancake, I can wait.”

Kevin turned to his younger brother and said, "Ryan, you be Jesus!"



A Sunday school teacher asked her children, as they were on the way to Church service, “And, why is it necessary to be quiet in church?”


A bright little girl replied, “Because people are sleeping.”