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The Divine Mercy Explained

The Resurrection of Jesus was the most important event in the history of the world.  When the Lord appeared in the “Upper Room” to the apostles pointing out His wounds, it was to demonstrate He was the Crucified Christ, and to show He had resurrected from the dead.

In 1931 He appeared in another room, this time the room of a young nun, Saint Faustina, again showing His wounds, emphasizing the power of those wounds as rays from a font of reconciliation and renewal. This was Divine Mercy.

He asked St. Faustina to teach the world again of why he died on the Cross to give sinners another chance of obtaining God’s Divine Mercy and pardon their sins if they returned to living by God’s Commandments.

His message of Divine Mercy is a warning to Mankind to exercise their conscience, come back to God and live by the Commandments.