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The Vatican

You’ll find enough here to keep you busy for hours on end. 

On the home page is a handy way to find all the recent writings, activity and news relating to Pope Francis. You can check out photos and follow his current and upcoming activities.


EWTN Global Catholic Network

I once had a project where I had to dig through some of the content on the EWTN website. I thought it would be quickly done, but that’s because I vastly underestimated the amount of content that’s there.

Yes, there’s the media linkage you’d expect to the TV and radio programming and the tireless news work they conduct. But there also are subsites on faith that could take you the rest of the year to plumb, including devotions, a document library and a dozen mini-sites that are beautiful, educational and awesome.

They also have a subsite dedicated to kids, with games, prayers and TV programs.


Catholic Answers
When it comes to “getting the best Catholic web address,” I think it’s safe to say Catholic Answers won. The founders of the site haven’t stopped just with a cool URL, though; they’re working tirelessly to help us all know how to explain and defend our faith by teaching us to better understand it.